Papilloma of the tongue

When papilloma is found on the tongue, the patient seeks help from a dermatologist

Papilloma of the tongue is a dangerous manifestation of viral activity and develops from epithelial cells. It can occur not only on the surface of the tongue, but also on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. Such neoplasms are painful, often marked by bleeding, and their appearance is associated with inflammation.

What is papilloma of the tongue

It is not difficult to detect the presence of growth on the surface of the tongue. This growth is characterized by a rounded shape, the mucus protrudes above the skin and has a broad base.

Tongue papillomas are a dangerous manifestation of HPV. Symptoms: The growths on the tongue are rounded, up to 2 cm in size, breast-like, soft texture.

Diagnosis: Differential diagnosis of oncological diseases of the tongue. Treatment: antiviral, immunocorrectors, removal.

The size of the formation is from 2 mm to 2 cm. Location: mainly on the back or edge of the tongue. In some cases - at the tip or under it. When the neoplasm is located close to the root of the tongue, it can be detected only after a doctor's examination or with a large growth.

On the outside, the papilloma looks like a breast, similar in color to the shadow of nearby tissues, and soft in structure. On the surface of the tongue, only and many growths appear.

Often, the presence of papillomas on the tongue is ignored, and if the growth is significant in size or significantly increased, consult a specialist.

Papilloma itself does not cause discomfort or itching. But due to frequent injuries increase growth, severe pain and bleeding. In addition, growth interferes with the process of chewing, swallowing, talking, and sometimes breathing.

Tongue papillomas are more common in the practice of dentists and ENT doctors. Removal is usually performed by otolaryngologists.

The radio wave method is used more often than others.

Entertainment features:

  • Laboratory signsis visiblenot immediately after infection. It takes about 3 months to identify the plants.
  • The virus can occur in weak peopleimmunity.In this regard, experts recommend that people with HPV be tested for HIV.
  • In some cases, recovery is possibleon their own.During the recovery period, the warts may disappear on their own.
  • eliminationExternal symptoms do not lead to elimination of the viral agent. There is no specific etiological therapy, antiviral drugs are used in treatment. They are effective in herpesvirus, hepatitis and other infectious diseases.


After identifying the growths on the surface of the tongue or in the throat, it is necessary to determine to which species this condyloma belongs. They are divided into 2 types:

  • Reactive.Papillomas are the result of the negative effects of various irritants. These are mainly mechanical, chemical, thermal or infectious wounds.
  • Neoplastic.Very rare. Outwardly, they resemble normal multi-node growths. They are presented in groups or in the form of a papule.

In children and adults, there are two types of papillomas that appear on the surface of the tongue or in the throat.


This is a light pink growth with a sharp shape under the tongue. In some cases, they can grow.

It looks like a saucepan. Similar swelling can occur in the foot. It is small in size but causes serious pain.

Occasionally there is discomfort during swallowing. The pointed papilloma prevents, rubbing the teeth and cheeks. The favorite place for this wart is the area under the tongue.

You have to be very careful. Self-medication is prohibited. Treatment is allowed only under the supervision of a specialist.


They are characterized by clear contours, protruding slightly from the surface of the skin. They are located in the throat, almond glands, small tongue. They do not cause much pain. They are very difficult to identify.

Any examination should be performed by a doctor at the hospital. Self-medication can have consequences for human life and health. Therapy involves the use of various medications. There is no need for surgery.

When this growth occurs in children, the difference is that the mucous membranes of the small tongue are overgrown.


Plants regularly select sites of injury to the mucous membranes of the mouth. When the stroma is involved in the ongoing inflammation, the growth intensifies. This is due to the fact that the stroma is the basis for the organs.

It is made up of connective tissue saturated with blood and lymphatic vessels with several nerve endings. Such an environment is favorable for condyloma. It quickly grows into a sore, bleeds, and causes severe discomfort.

Neoplasms located on the surface of the tongue require special attention. Such symptoms are common in women. The result is neuralgia.

Although the warts are invisible, the sensations in the oral cavity can cause serious discomfort.


Papillomas on the tongue are difficult to hide. Unpleasant feelings, burning, pain accumulate in a specific place on the surface of the tongue.

The patient looks at the affected area and notices a slight white growth resembling a purulent acne. The main cause of genital warts on the surface of the tongue is human HPV infection.

There are a number of provocative factors:

  • reduced workimmunitysystems.
  • Smoking.
  • Excessive usealcohol.
  • To acceptmedicines.
  • I'm confusedsexyto live.
  • Stablecommon colddiseases.
  • Oral self-governmentcontraceptives.


Before going to the doctor, a person should know what worries him. It is necessary to determine the location of the discomfort on the surface of the tongue. In children, it is a shooting or aching pain, and in adulthood it is a feeling of a foreign body or a constant discomfort in a specific area of the tongue.

In particular, papilloma can be formed on the following grounds:

  • located on the risethe foot.
  • SurfaceThe warts are soft.
  • HueThe wart is like a shadow of the tongue.
  • Dimensions2 mm to 2 cm.

The favorite places of plants are the side walls of the tongue. Less - under or on top of it.

The neoplasm does not cause severe pain, but there is a feeling of discomfort or a foreign body. Often more than one growth is observed, and a thorough examination can identify a whole group of small tumors.

Taking care of your health can help you to identify papillomas on your tongue in a timely manner.


The growth on the front of the tongue is immediately noticeable. It interferes with normal eating, talking, and bleeding because it hangs on a hanger and causes damage.

This causes an unpleasant pain. Condyloma can be accidentally detected in the oral cavity, for example, in the soft palate or on the back of the tongue, when examined by a specialist. Once the growth is found, the doctor will look at its structure.

The papilloma is soft in structure. And the shadow is a little lighter than the mucous. When it is in the mouth, it is rough.

There is a difference in a child's tumor: the wart covers the tongue, covers the entire palate, and reaches the tonsils. It is easier to detect in children than in adults.

Particular attention should be paid to the examination of people in old age: they develop a cancer similar to condyloma. There is a clear seal at the bottom of the tissue where only the cancer has grown.

To treat

Tumors under the tongue or in the mouth are treated under the supervision of a dermatologist. After a thorough and thorough examination, he should prescribe medication. In some cases, warts can be removed surgically.

Medical therapy

Drug treatment consists of following the following prescriptions:

  • ApplicationlocalIf there is no indication for surgical removal of the growth, therapy with a fat solution of vitamin A.
  • To useinterferons,reducing the amount of viral DNA at the center of the pathology.
  • Synchronous useimmunostimulatoryantiviral drugs.

There is currently no effective treatment for HPV. The use of any medication should be agreed with a specialist.

Antiviral treatment

Antiviral therapy involves the use of medications to control the development of HPV. Vitamin complexes are prescribed, which help to activate the body's defenses. The specialist recommends a balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

According to statistics, people with papilloma have a weakened immune system. People with high immunity are carriers of HPV, but at the same time there are no manifestations on the skin.

The specialist prescribes immunomodulatory drugs, vitamin complexes and restorative drugs. It is important to remember that it is not possible to boost immunity in a day with pills. Medications are aimed at maintaining a weakened body in critical times.


HPV is one of the few strains of the virus from which the vaccine was developed. It contains organic substances that are structurally similar in structure to live HPV viruses. Immunity against real pathogens is perfectly developed.

Before vaccination, it is necessary to remove:

  • Pregnancy.Take a test or donate blood.
  • Serious usemedicalfunds.
  • Apart fromvaccinations.
  • seriousa painblood.

Vaccination is done intramuscularly. Dangerous side effects are very rare.


The treatment for papilloma should be chosen by a specialist. It depends on the location and the characteristics of the organism. There are the following ways to get rid of neoplasms:

  • Surgicalcutting with a surgical scalpel. After the procedure, "cauterization" is performed. The same approach is used when growing alone or when it is not possible to achieve them and when other methods cannot be used.
  • laserelimination. The most effective, painless method without any side effects. The disadvantage is the high cost of the procedure.
  • Electrocoagulation.This method involves current-growth catheterization. Disadvantages include severe manipulation and a long rehabilitation period.
  • radio wavesurgery. The technique is similar to the previous one, but instead of the current, high-frequency radio waves affect the papilloma. The disease is insignificant, the minimum number of side effects and a short rehabilitation period.
  • Cryodestruction.The least popular surgical method of removing papilloma on the tongue. The neoplasm is destroyed by the cold. Warts freeze to the temperature of liquid nitrogen. The growth freezes and dies within a week.

If the technique involves the incision of the wart, the biomaterial is sent for histological diagnosis to analyze the structure of growth.

a threat

When papillomas appear on the tongue, the patient feels some discomfort. Thus, while eating, growth can easily go out. In addition, the formations are visible during the conversation and contribute to the change of speech.

Tip-type structures cause discomfort not only physically but also psychologically. Against this background, a person may be embarrassed to see a dentist or ENT. Complexes also occur when talking to other people.

The localization of growths in the oral cavity is a serious risk, as they can lead to the introduction of other infections, resulting in an increased risk of blood poisoning. All of this often leads to cancer, which often results in death.


It is not difficult to take measures to protect against this pathology. Reduce the risk of HPV infection:

  • Avoid accidental and unprotectedsexual intercoursecontacts, use of contraception;
  • use of personal itemshygiene;
  • dovaccinationHPV in young children and women.

If the infection has already occurred, the activation of the viral agent due to decreased immunity should be prevented:

  • use of complexesvitamins;
  • to get rid of evilhabits;
  • to fleestressfulsituations and stress.

HPV infection should be ignored and its manifestations should not be left untreated by a qualified physician.

Papilloma of the tongue is a dangerous condition that requires a visit to a highly qualified doctor. The main task of the patient will be the timely detection of growth and seek professional help.